Thursday, June 10, 2010

Irresistable Farce

I haven't updated in a while so bear with me.

On the ETC front, we're heading to Cardiff at the end of the month for the 6 Nations. The semi-secret lists for all players are now available on the forums at

Irresistable Farce was held on the 30th of May. I was Captain of my team, FOUL (Fergus, Owen, Ugo and Lenny). We had three games on the day. In Round 1, we were drawn against Team HOLD (Malcolm Cooney, Alan Woods-Conway, Ciaran Dunne and Halaigh Whelan-McManus). This was always going to be a tough match and so it proved, as we lost 27-53 (although the scores were capped at 50-30 so we scored 30 points)

Fergus (HE) 0-20 Woody (Liz)
Owen (WE) 5-15 Ciaran (Sk)
Lenny (Dw) 12-8 Malcolm (DE)
Ugo (VC) 10-10 Halaigh (CD)

As a result of the defeat, we found ourselves on the bottom table against Team COKE (so called because they were fielding Chaos, Ogre Kingdoms and Empire - Steve Coleman, Karl Stafford, Padraic Barrett and Tom Landy). Here we reversed our earlier fortunes and won 66-14 (capped at 55-25)

Owen (WE) 20-0 Tom (WoC)
Lenny (Dw) 19-1 Karl (OK)
Ugo (VC) 15-5 Steve (Be)
Fergus (HE) 12-8 Padraic (Em)

We had bounced back up to mid-table with our win, our opponents were NWC (the unoriginal Northern Wasters Team C - Trevor Craig, Chris Mullan, Dale Fisher and Jonathan Proudfoot). This match was a little closer, although we still won 50-30 (cap was 65-15, didn't get reached by either side)

Ugo (VC) 12-8 Trevor (Dw)
Lenny (Dw) 18-2 Jonathan (WE)
Fergus (HE) 11-9 Dale (Liz)
Owen (WE) 9-11 Chris (WoC)

We finished up in 3rd place overall. The event was won by the ODBs (Jonny Fisher, Ivan Magowan, Marty Metcalf and Matt Hamill), with HOLD in second. We also won Best Painted Team (I knew I picked Ugo for a reason)!

A great event, many thanks to Ken Chambers and Dave Leahy for organising.

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