Thursday, June 10, 2010

Irresistable Farce

I haven't updated in a while so bear with me.

On the ETC front, we're heading to Cardiff at the end of the month for the 6 Nations. The semi-secret lists for all players are now available on the forums at

Irresistable Farce was held on the 30th of May. I was Captain of my team, FOUL (Fergus, Owen, Ugo and Lenny). We had three games on the day. In Round 1, we were drawn against Team HOLD (Malcolm Cooney, Alan Woods-Conway, Ciaran Dunne and Halaigh Whelan-McManus). This was always going to be a tough match and so it proved, as we lost 27-53 (although the scores were capped at 50-30 so we scored 30 points)

Fergus (HE) 0-20 Woody (Liz)
Owen (WE) 5-15 Ciaran (Sk)
Lenny (Dw) 12-8 Malcolm (DE)
Ugo (VC) 10-10 Halaigh (CD)

As a result of the defeat, we found ourselves on the bottom table against Team COKE (so called because they were fielding Chaos, Ogre Kingdoms and Empire - Steve Coleman, Karl Stafford, Padraic Barrett and Tom Landy). Here we reversed our earlier fortunes and won 66-14 (capped at 55-25)

Owen (WE) 20-0 Tom (WoC)
Lenny (Dw) 19-1 Karl (OK)
Ugo (VC) 15-5 Steve (Be)
Fergus (HE) 12-8 Padraic (Em)

We had bounced back up to mid-table with our win, our opponents were NWC (the unoriginal Northern Wasters Team C - Trevor Craig, Chris Mullan, Dale Fisher and Jonathan Proudfoot). This match was a little closer, although we still won 50-30 (cap was 65-15, didn't get reached by either side)

Ugo (VC) 12-8 Trevor (Dw)
Lenny (Dw) 18-2 Jonathan (WE)
Fergus (HE) 11-9 Dale (Liz)
Owen (WE) 9-11 Chris (WoC)

We finished up in 3rd place overall. The event was won by the ODBs (Jonny Fisher, Ivan Magowan, Marty Metcalf and Matt Hamill), with HOLD in second. We also won Best Painted Team (I knew I picked Ugo for a reason)!

A great event, many thanks to Ken Chambers and Dave Leahy for organising.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another quick update

Hi, just a quick update post from me today.

The ETC is approaching and the Irish Club Challenge (Irresistable Farce) will be good practice for me as I will be captaining my team as well as using my ETC Dwarf list. I also (probably foolishly) suggested we participate in a league where every player in the team faces each other. So today, I got beaten quite badly by Mal and his Dark Elves, a 16-4 defeat. While a few things went against me, Mal is a very good player and was good value for his win.

I also played Fergus in the Blood Bowl league on Tuesday night. I was to play John as well, but he was unable to make it. Another win for the Elves, a 3-0 victory tempered by two permanent injuries to Linemen (both are now at -1 MA). So still top of the table!

Monday, April 26, 2010

ToG update and more Cygnar

Well, first squad for the Flesh Tearers are done (finally!). Next up is a Vindicator tank, which I've painted the underside of for practicing the paint scheme on the vehicle. With the red I'm particularly concerned about getting a clean even coat on such a large area.

Also finished are my Stormsmith Stormcallers for my Cygnar army. They're only a single point each, and I can have up to 3. Usually I would include all 3 in an army because the more you have, the better they work. In games with two casters, I would include the full 6 I'm allowed, but I'm not up to that level just yet.

Last note, I won my second game in the Blood Bowl league last Tuesday, and with Steve beating John, I've jumped to the top of the table. I have two games scheduled for tomorrow against John and Fergus, I could be back at the bottom by the end of the day!

Friday, April 16, 2010

ETC Team Ireland announced

Well, the 2009/2010 Ranking season has been completed. I managed to attend 5 of the 6 ranking events this season, NWG (4th/32), Resurgence (5th/31), Bloodstorm (9th/20), Warpcon (5th/20) and Battlecry (2nd/46). I missed the event held in Gamers World on March 21st (dubbed MartinCon). I managed to finish the season ranked #2, behind Jonny Fisher, which was a very strong performance. It will be interesting to see the effects on the rankings of the changeover to 8th edition Warhammer later in the year.

As the season has ended, Team Ireland for this year's ETC has been announced. Here's the line-up :
Nigel Kavanagh (Captain)
Malcolm Cooney (Vice-Captain)
Brian "Lenny" Leonard
Ciaran Dunne
Alan "Woody" Woods-Conway
Dave Leahy
Ken Chambers
Halaigh Whelan-McManus

As for other information, May 30th is the date for Irresistable Farce. This is an ETC style event with 4 players per team. I will be captain of the team consisting of myself, Owen Conlan, Fergus Finch and Ugo Greevy.

The Underground Gamers Blood Bowl league is up and running, I won my first game last Tuesday against Steve Coleman's Chaos but my Elves got pretty beaten up with a Blitzer dead and a Thrower and Lineman out of the next match.

Finally, I know I haven't painted anything in a while, but my sister had a baby girl last week so I've been heading home every chance to see my niece. I'll get something done soon, I promise!

Friday, March 19, 2010

ToG - Flesh Tearers Army

I decided on Flesh Tearers for the Tale of the Gamers project, who are a successor chapter to the Blood Angels and follow the same organisational lines, so the army will be selected from the upcoming Codex:Blood Angels.

Unlike both Ken and Ugo, I have no grand plan for the army - I'll just be collecting squads and vehicles here and there, and hopefully I'll get an army out of it by the end of things (hopefully just in time for 8th edition Warhammer, which will take most of my attention). I need to collect the army to a minimum of 1750 points, but may well go further than that.

In order to get an idea on the Flesh Tearers background, I dug out an old White Dwarf which had an Index Astartes article on them once. Unfortunately, I didn't know which issue, so I went digging and found it in WD251 (November 2000). So the background suggests that there are few Flesh Tearers left (so they don't have the standard 10 companies) as many of them have succumbed to the Black Rage (lots of Death Company) and have very few Veterans (limit Terminators, Sternguard and Vanguard). They prefer to engage the enemy hand to hand (so lots of Assault squads), but all Flesh Tearers are all trained in all aspects of Space Marine warfare (so all options are viable, Assault, Tactical, Devestators, bikers etc.) and they favour the use of transports (so if they aren't Jump Infantry or Bikers, units should have vehicles). They favour short ranged special weapons (use meltaguns and flamers rather than Plasma Guns) and use both power weapons and power fists.

The article names the Flesh Tearers Chapter Master as Seth (now given a first name, Gabriel, and he's a special character now) and the head Chaplain as High Chaplain Carnarvon, Watcher of the Lost. These characters may find their way into the army, but I should probably avoid the specifically Blood Angels characters (Contrary to GW idiocy, there is one and only one Mephiston - and he is a Blood Angel, not a Flesh Tearer).

As for painting, I have completed the following Assault Terminator in my chosen colour scheme - it's a little time consuming but the army shouldn't be that large anyway.

Monday, March 8, 2010

BattleCry 2010 report

Well, BattleCry 2010 is all done, it was on Saturday and it was a fantastic event and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

I brought my Dark Elves, having had to write my army list again when Woody and Malcolm changed the rules on me close to the tournament, so I had to drop the Assassin for another unit of Dark Riders and added 2 Crossbowmen (including a standard) instead. I finished the army about 9.30 on the Friday evening, so I actually managed to sleep before the event, unlike for BloodStorm or WarpCon.

My list was as follows :
Dreadlord (233) - Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Dark Steed. Crimson Death, Pendant of Khaeleth.
Master (169) - Army Battle Standard. Hand Weapon, Lance, Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Dark Steed. Enchanted Shield, Ring of Hotek.
Sorceress (162) - Magic Level 1. Hand Weapon, Dark Steed. 2 Dispel Scrolls.
20 Warriors (180) - Hand Weapon, Spear, Light Armour, Shield. Lordling, Standard Bearer - Banner of Murder, Musician.
12 Crossbowmen (147) - Hand Weapon, Repeater Crossbow, Light Armour, Shield. Standard Bearer, Musician.
5 Dark Riders (117) - Hand Weapon, Spear, Repeater Crossbow, Light Armour, Dark Steed. Musician.
5 Dark Riders (117) - Hand Weapon, Spear, Repeater Crossbow, Light Armour, Dark Steed. Musician.
5 Dark Riders (117) - Hand Weapon, Spear, Repeater Crossbow, Light Armour, Dark Steed. Musician.
14 Black Guard (267) - Hand Weapon, Halberd, Heavy Armour. Tower Master - Soul Render, Standard Bearer - Standard of Hag Graef, Musician.
6 Shades (108) - Hand Weapon, Great Weapon, Repeater Crossbow.
6 Shades (108) - Hand Weapon, Great Weapon, Repeater Crossbow.
War Hydra (175) - 2 Handlers - Hand Weapon, Beastmaster's Scourge.
Reaper Bolt Thrower (100) - 2 Crew - Hand Weapon, Light Armour.

I arrived at the venue reasonably early and had breakfast with Barry, Dermot, Dave and Patrick, while Halaigh wrote out several copies of his army list! Afterwards we went up to the room where the event was held. It was good to see all the familiar faces, some of whom I hadn't seen for some time, as well as some new faces as well. 46 players turned out for the event, making it the current best attendance for a ranking event.

It was great to see the optional costumes brought by some players and the organisers - Malcolm dressed as a pirate and Woody as Elvis, along with Dave Leahy's gorilla suit and Paul Maher who wore chainmail, a viking helmet and carried an axe! (Despite the fact he was playing Wood Elves). The event also featured the "Chicken Ball" where one randomly determined player had to play in a chicken outfit! Fair play to all three players selected for participating!

The first round draw was done without the presence of the denizens of the "Waster Wagon", who had somehow gotten lost despite the very simple directions and having attended previous events at the venue. Honestly, Matt, how hard is M2 to Belfast, then M1 to Dublin, take M50 southbound and exit at Liffey Valley?

I was drawn in round 1 against my friend and clubmate Gareth "Bubba Gar" Lombard and his Lizardmen. Gareth had selected a Saurus Oldblood, Saurus Scar Veteran BSB, 2 Skink Priests (Level 1), 3 units of Saurus Warriors, 2 units of Skink Skirmishers, a unit of ranked Skinks, unit of Kroxigor, unit of Terradons and an Ancient Stegadon. The game started poorly, as I managed to kill only a single Skink with 84 shots. Over the course of the game I managed to kill off Gareth's support units with mine, the Dreadlord and his Warriors killed a unit of Saurus and the Black Guard managed to devestate the Oldblood's unit and the Scar Veteran's, although the BSB held out at the end. Overall I won by about 1900 VPs, so that was 20-0 in Battle Points.

After a very enjoyable lunch, we all returned to the hall for Round 2, but before we started Woody asked if anybody would like a pint. After a chorus of "YES" and an "I LIKE PINT!!", he told us all that there was a free pint for everyone in the room! At the bar I met my opponent for the next game, John Kennedy. John is a very nice bloke who I had met at Warpcon and had a discussion about Dwarfs with, but for BattleCry he had brought his Orcs & Goblins.

John's army had a Black Orc Warboss, Orc Big Boss on a Boar Chariot, Goblin Big Boss BSB, unit of Big 'Uns, two units of Gobbos (with 3 fanatics each), two units of Spider Riders, one of Wolf Riders, a unit of Squig Hoppers, three Spear Chukkas, a Rock Lobba and a Giant. I again had a shocking first shooting phase, killing only three models. I had some poor luck at times, as did John. Eventually the main turning point occured when John charged his Big 'Uns and Gobbos into my Black Guard - he was surprised by the Standard of Hag Graef and the combat was a draw, however I charged the Gobbos in the flank with a unit of Dark Riders, who ran down both of John's units. I then managed to shoot the Giant dead and kill the remaining Goblins with my Spearmen, while a unit of Dark Riders romped through John's war machines. I had won again, with enough VPs to score a second 20-0 of the day.

It turned out only two players now had a perfect score - myself and my last opponent of the day - the dreaded "Handsome" Dave Leahy and his Gorilla suit. Dave had brought his Bretonnians. He had a Lord, Paladin BSB, Damsel, 2 units of Knights of the Realm, a unit of Knights Errant, two units of Archers (one skirmishing), Pegasus Knights and a unit of Grail Knights. I had expected a tough battle and that's what I got, particularly as the dice went badly against me in earlier turns, mine were poor and Dave made a lot of saves, then passed a game-turning break test on a 5. This cost me my Dreadlord and his Warriors, and indirectly my Crossbowmen and Bolt Thrower later. On the flanks I did gain the advantage, my Shades killed a small unit of Knights of the Realm, the Hydra terrorised some Knights Errant and the Black Guard managed to beat up the Grail Knights who included all three of Dave's characters, Dave's poor saves not helping his cause. Eventually the Lord was all that remained and he broke, then fled off the table when the Dark Elf BSB charged out of his unit.

The second to last turn involved Dave moving his Errants in order to avoid a charge by the Hydra. He moved his unit back and forth a couple of directions before leaving them in a position which was slightly within the Hydra's charge arc. I declared the charge in my turn, which Dave considered unsporting as he had intended that his Errants wouldn't be able to be charged. In the end the game ended with a narrow 11-9 victory to the Dark Elves.

Unfortunately this meant that Ivan Magowan was able to overtake us both for victory.

The staff in the hotel needed the room back so we had to conduct a quick awards ceremony, despite Mal and Woody being quite the worse for wear. Malcolm had to continue waffling as Woody was unable to confirm the results quickly enough. In the end, the winners were as follows :

1st Place - Ivan Magowan
2nd Place - Brian "Lenny" Leonard
3rd Place - Dave Leahy
Best General - Dave Leahy
Best Army - Ugo Greevy / Eoghan Errity
Best Costume - Paul Maher
Most Sporting Opponent - Dermot Maguire
Spirit of Warhammer - Eoghan Errity
Most Drunken Opponent - Chris Ward
Last Place - Kevin McHugh

So a big thank you to Malcolm and Woody for running the event, everyone who helped out in any way, Gareth, John and Dave for the games and all who helped make BattleCry 2010 the BEST TOURNAMENT EVER!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BattleCry - 3 days and counting

BattleCry isn't far off now and I'm still in the process of finsihing my army, but I am nearly finished now and don't expect to still be awake at 1am on Saturday morning finishing up.

Anyhow, I'll be using the following list (semi-secret, just in case) :

Dreadlord on Dark Steed.
Master BSB on Dark Steed.
Sorceress on Dark Steed.
20 Warriors - Shields, Full Command.
12 Crossbowmen - Shields, Standard, Musician.
5 Dark Riders - Repeater Crossbows, Musician.
5 Dark Riders - Repeater Crossbows, Musician.
5 Dark Riders - Repeater Crossbows, Musician.
14 Black Guard - Full Command.
6 Shades - Great Weapons.
6 Shades - Great Weapons.
War Hydra
Reaper Bolt Thrower.